Testimonial - Pillows Hotels

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The custom Intercoms for Pillows Hotels 

For Pillows Hotels, we received an inquiry for a Custom Intercom for their newest hotel: "Maurits at the Park" in Amsterdam. Being part of the "Small Luxury Hotels of the world", the entire hotel must be in harmony. From the door handles to the Intercom, all details matter. A great task for our team to integrate the Intercom into the signing panel. Want to learn more about how they experience their custom Robin Intercom? Read their testimonial below:

maurits at the park - custom Robin intercom

Pillow Hotelsmaurits at the park - custom Robin intercom 2-

For many years we have been collaborating with Pillows Hotels. We're very proud of what we have created over the past years: Six high-end doorbells according to the design standards of Pillows Hotels combined with nowadays technology engineered by Robin. A custom product suits their style well, according to the Pillows Hotels team:

Own Appearance

"We at Pillows Hotels strive for a specific appearance for our monumental buildings, which we implement in detail: matching door handles, handmade lanterns in the right style on the facade, and even technology must meet the standards. For example, when converting a hotel into a Pillows Hotels, we integrate the intercom into the signing plan. For the recently completed Pillows Hotels 'Maurits at the Park', we asked Robin Telecom to integrate the video intercom into a solid brass panel for the facade."

From design to intercom

After receiving the inquiry, our team got to work. We designed the intercom integration into the brass panel based on the Pillows Hotels' specifications and searched for the perfect brass push button. When satisfied, we can start production. Curious how that works? Watch this video.

The icing on the cake

We test the intercom extensively, especially when it's slightly adjusted, like in this case: does audio and video work to our standards? Does the push button work smoothly? Then, when everything meets Robin's quality requirements, we dispatch the intercom to the Maurits at the Park hotel. Here they can integrate the panel nicely into the facade. So now it is entirely in harmony with the appearance of the building.

maurits at the park - custom Robin intercomIt's never standard

"We pay attention to detail. You can find a custom Robin Intercom at Pillows Hotels entrances where guests enter. Even at suppliers' and staff entrances, uniformity has been implemented with a brass Robin Intercom with a Pillows-style name tag. At Pillows, it is never standard!"

"We have been working together for years"

"The collaboration is delightful. We are very satisfied with the quality of the custom intercoms; we have been working together since 2017. A custom product can sometimes be challenging because the intercom panel has to be sent back and forth a few times between different suppliers. Often, some components aren’t created until late in the design process or even at assembling. It may result in a short time to realize the end product. We appreciate the cooperation; together, we can achieve a lot quickly. We still receive a lot of positive reactions about the building and everything related to it. Everything is in harmony and feels excellent and homely."

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